Well today was random.

I got an email sent to me earlier thinking that I was a social/case worker for a client who has care funded by the local council. I sorted that out as soon as possible so that the message got through to the council so they could at least track the allocated case worker down to arrange what the clients carers were asking about. I emailed the company back saying that they’d emailed me by accident. On a positive note, now that my name is starting to get known, other people actually spell my surname correctly. That has never happened until people began to ‘know my name’. I have much more blog views that I’ve previously had since I started the blog. Obviously I try to keep my full name off of social media now that I’m rising through the ranks to influencer status (that will still take a while). I have nothing to hide but everyone needs a private part of their life.

I also cleaned my windows and bathroom while the weather was reasonable. I had a bath while cooking my main meal. I didn’t go for a walk today because I had to wait in for my food shopping after getting up late (didn’t sleep last night again). I got a few hours from approximately 8 until lunch time.

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