Strangers making babies – Channel 4, 23rd March 2021 at 9.15pm.

I have read many negative comments regarding this new program that is scheduled to start on channel 4 tomorrow night at 9.15pm. I was reading the comments. There was one reoccurring comment which I would like to address because I see the view as rather old fashioned. Something along the lines of… think of the poor children created for a television program, growing up in an unstable situation because the parents were strangers. I am aware that many of the older generations grew up with a set view of how one must raise a family. I don’t want to upset those people that still believe in having children in a marriage unit. Then there are another set of commenters saying that this sort of program gives a negative image of single parents. I may be someone who thinks ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to what is seen as normal in life. I don’t believe that society should ‘stand still’ or settle for the ‘status quo’. The choices that I have made in my life have raised a few eyebrows. Conventional is just not who I am as an individual… life is for living in ways that you’re comfortable rather than putting on an act pretending to be something you’re not. Those that know me will already be aware that I had a child with an acquaintance that I got to know when I lived down south. He wasn’t keen on sticking around after he had done his part. He never actually wanted anything to do with my son. It didn’t work out for me due to losing him to adoption. I feel that it is fine for strangers to make babies together providing that they both have regular contact with the child while they’re growing up. I’m now in my thirties. If I do decide to have another child then I probably would chose to have one with a stranger because there are no strings attached. I don’t have the time to meet someone for the purposes of settling down, marriage, children etc. I know that many of you cannot see the attraction to the idea of this program.

‘Normal’ isn’t normal for everyone. Those of us that have a form of Autism find relationships hard to maintain. We still want to be able to have a life. The key to that is adjustments to make our disability less of a dis-advantage. We have a disability which affects our social capacity and the way that we interact with others. The ways around our weak areas may seem challenging but it’s not impossible. Life isn’t straight forward even for those that are neurotypical. Autism does complicate life but it’s not a negative life sentence if you stay chilled and roll with anything that happens. Fighting things just doesn’t ever work. I learned that when I was younger. Resistance attracts resistance etc.

I would recommend that those uncomfortable with the idea of this program to actually watch the first few episodes before making a definite judgment regarding the idea of ‘strangers making babies’.