I was tired but I didn’t sleep again. I can’t even reset my pattern.

I tried to reset my sleep pattern yesterday. I attempted to stay awake most of the day and didn’t go to bed unt late on. I still laid awake all night without being able to sleep. I have monthly pains so it’s hard to settle anyway. The dull ache may not be that painful but it still keeps me awake. I’m uncomfortable. I go hot and cold which has made me get up to turn the heating on and off. This is only the first day of three days of potential hell it decides to inflict on me every month. These are the worse few days where trying to sleep in general for long lengths of time is going to be hard. I feel wound up because I haven’t slept and feel uncomfortable. I have both cats snoozing next to me making this sleep task look easy. I seriously want to be comfortable enough to sleep. That would be a break for a little bit even if I couldn’t sleep properly. I’ve tried everything to settle for hours but it just isn’t happening.

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