Random week.

I got told by my mother that someone left a Cadbury fruit and nut bar on her car yesterday while she was food shopping. That isn’t totally unexplainable because I heard that happens locally quite a lot. Someone does it regularly for whatever reason. This week has been rather random in general. I was at mums earlier knowing that I hadn’t turned the landing light because I remember not turning it on due to walking down the stairs in the dark. Somehow it was turned on when my mum went upstairs a few hours later. I’m 99% sure that I never turned it on earlier. It wasn’t quite dark so I could still see the stairs. There was no need for me to turn the landing light on. The wardrobe opened by itself randomly yesterday. This was during the day not at night.

Wardrobe opened by itself …

The other night an owl also decided to hoot loudly outside my flat. I even closed the window but could still hear it. They never normally come that close to our flats. We are not far from the countryside part between towns. I was walking the other day at dusk and also heard a loud owl over the noise of my music in my ears. I’m used to hearing those noises but never that loudly so they must be getting closer. Maybe we are living in some new form of existence. I feel changes but I thought that this was just related to lockdown. There seems to be more to it than just lockdown related fallout.