Well, today has felt odd.

I fell asleep during the day and didn’t wake up until evening again! I got a lot of things done while I was up though. I went for a walk as I haven’t been out in a few days. I did a load of washing, cleaned the toilet, changed my bed covers, made my dinner and the cats twice (yes they’ve eaten more than me and they still act like they’re hungry). I wiped every door handle with disinfectant. I just had a long bath and am going to work on my open university tutor marked assignment soon. Only note taking so it won’t take long.

Sleep pattern can’t stay like this!

I don’t think the effects of alcohol is helping because my head is still a bit spinning. I have a headache… it’s not a hangover but I did feel sick earlier. 8 bottles all in one evening wasn’t a good idea. I still have a sore eye which isn’t going away. I fell asleep most of today until about 5 in the evening. I can’t carry on like this but once I get to the point of being too tired to function I end up falling asleep which seems to always be during the day. I would love to be able to drop off at night the same way because my sleep would be no problem then. I do try to stay awake during the day to reset my pattern but I can’t fight the level of tiredness that makes me fall asleep during the day. I would rather have some sleep so that I can function even if it isn’t at night. That has been my best option so far. The nights are too long when I’m not able to sleep.