I have guilt when I’m genuinely exhausted… even though I know I can’t help it.

I just feel too exhausted to so anything today. I can barely type this blog entry. I know that I can’t help it but I still feel guilty about not getting things done. I shouldn’t feel guilty. I fought it for years to get all my qualifications etc. I deserve a rest. I also feel that I don’t have an excuse to rest. I am truly exhausted due to not being able to sleep at night a lot recently. I have never slept well so my lack of sleep hours has built up over a long period of time. I can never properly rest. That is tiring too. I also don’t want aspects of lockdown to end, when things go back to normal circumstances then I will feel left out again. That is how I have always felt but with lockdown people interacted online more often so I never felt alone. Once everyone is back to normal no one is going to bother interacting like they have been the last 12 months.