Depression time :(

I have been depressed for the last few days. I may have not helped that by accidentally forgetting my antidepressants twice in the last week. I just feel totally done right now. I cannot be bothered with life and literally get barely anything done. I’m always tired due to being unable to sleep at night. I catch up with sleep and I’m still tired. I drink alcohol too regularly but I need something to keep me sane. The past year has been absolutely crazy. I’m used to having a life that isn’t considered the norm but even I found what transpired totally mind blowing. I feel down … at the same time numb. I just don’t like even getting up each day at the moment. I’ve been getting up at a reasonable time about twice a week. Then I wake up at 5 to 6 pm most days. I can’t go on like this but I can’t go for help either because there is none available via our local mental health team. They don’t help in this area. I’ve seen people in the community given medication to keep them controlled but it’s not changed anything.