Caroline Flack documentary

I’m watching the documentary now. I felt her death on a personal level when it happened last year. I stand by what I say about what I think led to her death. I firmly point the finger at the police, courts and the stigma that mental health carries in our society. I have seen the inside of that system. Barely a few months before her death amongst the trolling and job losses which came from the fall out, the court had banned her from seeing her boyfriend due to the pending case. She must have felt like the whole world thought she was evil. I’ve been there. In the event that she had been convicted they routinely add restraining orders in criminal cases nowadays, especially between partners due to the rise of domestic violence involved in cases. Despite the fact that the boyfriend didn’t even want the prosecution. The police make it worse when it comes to mental health. She was a well known name so the media made an example out of her… for what?…. a fleeting headline which sells papers. Was it worth it?