Skin flare up keeping me awake. Then I start skin picking … stupid solution but temporarily helped.

I have ache on my back from time to time which never really becomes an issue. Only tonight it seems to be quite sore and scabby (it isn’t pleasant). It’s started going down the top of my arms. I had to take a painkiller it got that sore. I put my mind off of it by moisturising my face but then stupidly proceeding to pick the outer layer of my skin to the point that I have visible red spots just under the surface of the skin on my face. I feel completely frustrated with myself laying here feeling tired but being too sore to fall asleep. I feel uncomfortable and hoping the painkillers take away the sore feeling after they kick in. I will at least be able to get some sleep while the soreness is dulled. I will be ok after a few hours sleep. I also can’t feel the soreness or itch scabs (the thing we all know it’s not wise to do but we do it anyway) while I’m asleep. I’m starting to feel a little better but painkillers haven’t numbed soreness completely yet. The painkillers are anti inflammatory ones so my skin should have calmed down by the time I wake up.

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