I tried my best… now I need a nap.

I had to be up earlier rather than in the afternoon today. I did everything that needed doing and now bathed, changed into pjs and totally ready for a nap in bed. I know that it’s sunny but it kept raining earlier so leaving my walk until tomorrow. It’s a nice evening now that I’m changed out of my outdoor clothes. That always seems to happen. I have had a seriously grumpy cat today. He didn’t like being banned from the bed for a few hours while I aired it out and vacuumed the cat hairs off of it. The other one just disappeared outside. She must be able to tell when I’ve put the bed together because she always comes back in just after I finished it. She spends most of her life asleep on there, more than mister. Mister has purposefully been playing up all day while the bedroom door was shut. He kept meowing at me, peed up the fridge and scooped his litter tray bits everywhere. I didn’t give in so he eventually gave up, got tired and ended up curled up in his own bed. He wore himself out constantly complaining about my bed being unavailable. He has been quite trying today. The fact that I changed our sleep wake pattern around probably got irritating to him. He didn’t have to wake up with me. He is a cat who could just snooze in the chair until he’s ready to get up. They always get fed when I get up for breakfast regardless whether I’m staying up or not. I have Mimi snuggled next to me on my bed as I type this entry. Mister is still in his own bed so he couldn’t have been as bothered as he was trying to make me believe. He has been even more of a sh*t since I attempted to start training him not to do certain things. He is getting more behaved but there are still days like today when he is in that kind of mood. I wasn’t in the best mood when I got up. I was tired after only one hours sleep last night. I took a few hours to wake up properly. I don’t have the energy left to go for a walk after the things I had to do. I’m sure the cats will let me know when my nap is over by meowing at me for food.