Late night but I slept during the day.

I only just got in bed at half 2 in the morning. I didn’t get up most of the day. I enjoyed my sleep so there was no time wasted. I did three units of study on my open university module. I watched a film on television afterward to chill out before I actually went to bed. The cats are fed for the night so I shouldn’t get disturbed (woken up) by them wanting something. The weather isn’t good so they’ll probably be sleeping for the night. The wind sounds like they’ll get blown away if they do go out there. I’m chilled out and definitely not leaving my bed until the morning at the very earliest so they have just made their decision for the night. They will probably be asleep on my bed next to me when I do wake up. I need a walk and to tidy up the place tomorrow.

The weather hasn’t been too great to go for a walk in the last two days. I’m happy to just chill around the house. It’s going to be quite weird when lockdown finally ends. We all have a new way of being … yes it’s driven some of us crazy… but there is a certain pleasantness about spending time in your own company (live on my own, apologies to those with others in their lockdown space). There are some aspects of lockdown I want to keep. I have more rest days now which I needed for years but just pushed myself to the point of overload and meltdown.

An example of our chilled out sleep day… cat perspective.