6pm curfew for men? A suggestion from the government.

The irony that I am writing this entry while walking on my own as a woman…. it’s not that late and there is still light in the sky. I have seen many men and even some women get noticeably irritated by this suggestion since the news broke. Does anyone else not realise the this was suggested to stir up a conversation about human rights?

It isn’t about sexism. Women don’t feel safe going out after a it’s dark due to their experiences with guys being creeps in their lives, being victim-blamed for the outfits they have worn and so on. The new suggestion practically flips it around to put that predicament on men as a whole. They are rightfully getting upset but that is how most women have to live their lives on a continuous basis. There are no official laws stating that we should stay in to avoid potential creepy men either attacking us or just approaching us in a weird way.

In reality, it is unlikely that such a law would ever be officially passed by parliament. There are too many men in that work in they environment for the motion to get enough votes to actually be set as law.