Women being safe in relation to the current news.

I loosely got involved in this conversation via a TikTok video. I have been hearing various conversations regarding the disappearance of Sarah Everard via the news and social media all day. Firstly, I was appalled to discover that there was a police officer involved who has been charged with kidnapping and murder. If the police can’t be trusted with our safety then who can be trusted? The woman was just walking home minding her own business. I’m the same age as that woman. I even get nervous walking on my own during the day. I have walked to places in cities (I don’t live in a city); it can feel quite intimidating. I started walking extremely quickly when I saw a bunch of youths with hoodies getting nearer to me the other day even walking in my town.

I wouldn’t walk around places like London on my own. I have done in the past but there has been so much stabbings, mugging and other kinds of attacks in London in recent years… it puts me off going there to visit those I knew there when I only lived 50 miles away. I don’t think we should have to live in fear of going about our business in cities. We should reclaim the streets as there are far too many dangerous individuals out there. I would like to stress that the body hasn’t actually officially been identified yet. We can all assume it’s her because of the circumstances but we don’t know until it’s confirmed. There’s still too many attacks on women that don’t result in death. That leaves them traumatised, afraid of going out in case someone does the same to them again. It isn’t fair that some of us have to live like that and most of the men who attack us get away with their actions. I don’t want to say every man is potentially dangerous to us. This isn’t male bashing but as a female I spend most days being harassed by guys online and sometimes even while I’m out. They seem to get worse if you tell them that you’re not into men. The fact that I like women seems to offend some men and their dented ego leads to a whole host of harassing messages which can sometimes be homophobic. Either that or they suggest a threesome between you, another woman and them. The existing culture needs to be challenged.