Awake at stupid o click again.

I can’t complain that I’m still awake as I spent most of the day time in bed. I was making the most of being able to sleep. I have to get a bit of sleep rather than none so that I can function enough to study etc. The wind is loud again tonight and causing my bedroom window to rattle. I turned on the heating because it got cold. I washed my hair and cleaned all the litter trays earlier. I knitted a bit while watching television. I didn’t waste the entire day despite getting up late.

I don’t know what’s going on with my hair but the shorter parts which aren’t weighed down by weight of my longer growth are going curly. I’ve always had wavy hair but it’s texture is looking more spiralled. I do like it. I just don’t want more hassle when it comes to straightening it. I leave my hair natural most of the time now unless it gets messy. I plait it for bed every night so that it stays out of my face. Plus, it’s controlled waves when I take it out in the morning. I get less split ends since I started this routine. I can’t believe how much it’s growing at the moment. It never grew well for a long time… probably recovering from bleach damage.

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