Another night of insomnia.

I lay awake the entire night again! It’s driving me insane. I was even tired last night… still didn’t sleep. I had to get up to put the heating on because it’s got cold overnight. Others say that it’s more common to fall asleep when the air is cool. I am the complete opposite. I seem to fall asleep better in the warmer air. The windows weren’t open during the night because both cats have more sense than to go out in the current weather. I can hear the wind and rain which has been going on a few hours. The wind is making my windows creek which doesn’t help when you can’t sleep. The noise is just one of those things that wakes you up as you’re about to drop off.

I nearly dropped off earlier but then mister, the cat, rolled over and literally dropped off the bed into the bed drawer making a loud thud. He seems to be ok but I was then too wide awake again. He must be running out of his nine lives from a lot of the daft things he seems to do. He sniffed a hot container when he was a kitten resulting in him burning his nose. That’s something he never repeated. He has recently rolled off the edge of my bed twice in the last month. The old bed was wider than the new one. I don’t think he is used to it and being a large long cat, avoiding edges is a challenge.