Tuesday on barely any sleep feels like a whole week! / personal and public me.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I got up at lunchtime after a few hours of sleep. I feel like I’ve done a whole week. I had to wait in for a delivery of my medication and then went for a walk. I also did a few bits of cleaning and tidying in my flat while waiting for delivery. I forgot to eat properly; I had a packet of crisps but as I’d eaten breakfast early this morning before I actually went to sleep it wasn’t like I was that hungry.

I washed my trainers and coat yesterday. I had to take my coat’s hood attachment off. I literally ended up with sore fingers trying to button it back on. I have tiny hands yet it was difficult for me to even attach it after my coat was dry. The fact that we have to use hand sanitiser several times while we are out doesn’t help matters because it stings on the part where my skin has come off a bit.

Apparently the “personal me” offline and my professional personality on the blog confuses people. I am shy in offline life, whereas online with the blog etc I feel I have to come across as a particular character. I don’t have a split personality or in any way fake. I just feel safer being different because offline my confidence isn’t something I do easily after all I’ve been through in my life.

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  1. So tempting to edit this to say “I’m just a little hamster with tiny paws”…

    I also struggle trying to reattach the hood of my jacket, fwiw. Annoying that it unbuttons itself with such ease!

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