Harry and Meghan interview and a late night for me.

I have just finished my notes for Thursday’s online tutorial after reading a whole unit. I caught up with the Harry and Meghan interview earlier. I don’t have an actual opinion. They may not have been paid for it but the woman interviewing them apparently got a considerable fee. I sympathise with them in regard to the life they endured in the royal fold. Unfortunately, there are quite ugly parts of British culture still very much active on this country. We are a small island full of many narrow minded people. The Royal Family are on constant display which puts them at enhanced scrutiny.

I think that they did the right thing. The only thing that matters is that the life they’ve made in America is a move that improves things for them. They seemed truly happy, relaxed and at peace out there. If I had the resources I’d probably move out the UK too. Hypothetically; if I sold a few million books and no longer had to rely on the benefit system here. That’s most likely never going to happen so I’m stuck in this country. We all have things we will never actually be able to do in reality.

I am getting quite tired to the point I seem to be falling asleep typing this entry. I’m listening to music which isn’t helping to keep me awake long enough to fully concentrate on what I’m writing here. I have to be up at a decent hour in the morning to collect my medication as I only have two days supply left. Antidepressants … they don’t really help any more and I feel numb emotionally which isn’t pleasant.

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