Why is it a negative thing to have a bitchy streak?

We are constantly told that it isn’t desirable to be a bitch. I do not agree. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our negative traits. I shouldn’t be made to think that I’m an awful person and get labelled negatively because I have a bitchy streak. I only use that streak as a survival instinct. If someone else acts negatively towards me I will retaliate in a way that I see as protecting myself. I trained in media at college. The amount of nasty individuals in that field who will treat those of us with a form of autism awfully or unfavourably is literally part of every organisation you approach. I was bullied at school and when I was younger. I no longer allows anyone to disrespect me. I may be a little too self protective but after my past it’s hard not to be over vigilant. That is how traumatic experiences leave a person. I heard something about dating in your 30s the other day which is completely true. This is the age where you look for the less damaged individuals to settle down with due to the fact that many single people this age are damaged by things in their past. I try not to be picky but I always find any excuse to not enter a long term relationship. I need to settle for one person out there (preferably female) if I want to have another child before I get too old. If I settle with a female it’s more complicated to have any more children. It’s generally a hassle when you’re not the norm and I don’t think I actually want to settle down with a man.

As I’m approaching the age of 34 near the end of this current year… I haven’t got time to mess around. If my first child hadn’t gone for adoption I wouldn’t want any more children. I only want another child in a relationship this time because it was too hard for me as a single mum the first time around. There is more strength in numbers against the system rather than me standing there alone trying to fight for the right to have children without getting them taken away as a disabled person. We don’t have a voice when it’s just one of us. I taught lots of younger females that were autistic or had mental health problems to collectively attack discrimination rather than do it alone. I’m proud of the autistic women online saying what needs to be said because back when I was a teenager I was surrounded by autistic males in the awareness / acceptance movement. There was only a handful of diagnosed women including myself (I was the youngest). If I hadn’t of had a bitchy streak then my experiences would have probably finished me off. The bitchy streak is also a form of strength. I’m guarded … nice underneath but on the surface it could go either way depending on a persons attitude towards me. If I was nice to those that oppressed those of us that are autistic or any other type of neurodivergent then I wouldn’t be pushing for changes, that would make me passive which doesn’t help when getting the public to ‘get it’ and remotely ‘accept us’.

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