I’ve had a quiet day and it made me happy.

I got up late after falling back to sleep after my breakfast and medication. I managed to get the washing machine working. I took everything out and put it on a rinse cycle. Then the spinner part started working so the rinse must have washed out whatever was stuck in there. It might have been a mass of my hair … it literally gets everywhere. I’m glad that I don’t have the expense of getting a new washing machine. It will last for a few more years… hopefully.

I caught the end of Grayson’s art club earlier. I don’t expect them to like my entry whatsoever. I looked awful on my video and was so nervous that I probably came across quite stiff. I do have a personality… I’m just quite shy. Pp (have to use initials rather than names otherwise I’m calling out someone in public) has blocked me. I still haven’t found out why. I can only assume that she just doesn’t like me. It makes no sense due to the fact that she liked a comment of mine and then a few days later blocked my account. I don’t understand people. I swear that people try to be confusing. I apologise if the way I am offends others. I wasn’t unpleasant to anyone. I can be annoying but I mean well.