I can chill out for a while.

I have the rest of the night to chill out because everything is done! I have my university module tutorial tomorrow evening but tonight I’m free. The artwork is submitted. The flat is in a little bit of a cleaner state. I’ve had a bath and already in pjs. I had to put proper clothes on earlier because I had to make my video with the artwork. I then had to go out with the parcels (finally got the labels printed yesterday) to send to those that purchased my coats off of Vinted. I still have other stuff on there. They just haven’t sold yet. That khaki green trench coat with the little frills on the bottom and fancy buttons (they look like unzipped zips) is on there. It is rather small which is why I’m selling it (size 8 to 10). I’m surprised it hasn’t sold because I used to get compliments about the coat when I wore it regularly. I wouldn’t be selling the cost below if it still fitted me. It was always a little tight even when I got it. It would be perfect for a teenager because they haven’t filled out yet in areas where clothing gets tighter.

Currently available on Vinted app.