I have a spare five minutes.

I have managed to do a lot of stuff so I’m having my me time which is a long walk. I am giving you all a few minutes of my time. I was harsh yesterday because of being tired. I’m not so stressed now that half my artwork is done and the flat is less of mess.

I completely eat my words when I was younger and said others are ignorant for not answering messages. At that time I never had a huge number of them that I needed to answer myself. I don’t get paid for anything I do despite my qualifications. People expect me to so things for free and if they take advantage I’m no longer answering them. The filter is my brain cannot cope with the need to answer all the messages I currently have waiting on various parts of my phone.

I never understood the professional code of maintaining boundaries with people you don’t know well. I used to walk around stating that if I ever start to get more well known I’d be talkative to the public. That is not a good idea. You should never really get friendly with people unless you’ve spent an extended amount of time in their company offline.

I literally never get time to myself once I started being overly available. I had to step back to actually be able to sleep otherwise my brain doesn’t switch off. It’s the curse of being autistic and naturally intuitive.

9 responses to “I have a spare five minutes.”

  1. I liked the honesty of this post, and all too often we can get caught up in that circle of responding to others. The “no” switch fails from time to time, and then the mental health issues rise and cause more problems. I have been there. I still struggle, but thank you for your honesty.


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