This weeks casualty episode was true to life for disabled people.

I know it was on last night but I haven’t got on to the blog about this topic until tonight. I’m sure many of you saw the storyline regarding the disabled woman (played by Rosie Jones the comedian who has cerebral palsy). I could have expressed the exact same view of the services. There is a current issue being discussed amongst parents of disabled people at the moment. What happens when they die? Who will look after their children? Who will help them with the issue of benefits (character had hers stopped)? How can they prevent their children ending up in care? I saw a post floating around via Anna Kennedy. The characters mother had also died a few months before in the programme.

The tiredness that the character describes is how we all get eventually. I felt like I could cope with every day things a lot better when I was younger. After many years of seemingly having to fight for everything in life, it truly becomes exhausting. It’s an endless revolving door of assessments and no proper support. I don’t have an assigned social worker but most of them are useless anyway. There is too much red tape in the current system. In the current system, disabled people merely exist rather than live. Those of you that aren’t disabled have only experienced restrictions on your life for a very sort time due to the current virus situation. That has driven you all mad. Imagine how frustrating it would be to have limitations and restrictions due to how your brain or body didn’t work properly. In my case, crippling anxiety which tells me I cannot do stuff socially or go on holiday etc. I can fight it on occasions but mostly I’m stuck.

There isn’t enough resources… as far as I know there never has been enough. If you are autistic and experiencing mental illness then most therapists tell you that the complexities of your case means that there is no help that is available to you. The reality of getting help never actually leads to any form of help. The only thing that the so called help system caused me was a load of stress and heartache.