I have too much to do so won’t be on here a lot for a few days.

I have too much to do right now. I’m not ignoring anyone. I have 2 email addresses (personal and professional separated) full of unanswered messages. I need to pace myself so that my flat isn’t a tip and everything gets done. I refuse to get overwhelmed otherwise it will disable me which leads to nothing getting done. I constantly scan my emails and messages on my phone in case there is something important. I’m not going to ignore anything that needs addressing. I have a tutorial this week which is important. I need to get my artwork submitted by 3rd as that is the deadline for the theme. The artwork is still in my head, it’s not even on paper yet. It will be based on my actual dreams but I’m still working out how it’s going to evolve on paper. I have to send a video with it too… I’m not keen on that. Cameras aren’t my favourite thing when I haven’t had my eyebrows done for too long. The flat is a tip so I have to sort that when I get home. I popped out to the supermarket and needed to get newspaper to put under cat litter trays from my relative (bubbled household). I had a cup of tea and settled down for too long already.