Month: March 2021

  • Everyone should really do this at some point.

    I happened to look up how many people had the same name as me on the directory website. I didn’t expect to find so many in the local area. I didn’t live in this locality between 2006 and 2012. This is the importance of making sure all records have your middle name. I am the […]

  • We have only been out of lockdown restrictions for a day… this modern world is already crazy!

    I can no longer use lockdown as an excuse not to hang out with people. Barely a day out of the restrictions I get a text from a male friend asking me what I actually wanted between us. We were friends and crossed that line after going out for the night. I never truly got […]

  • I’m tired and today has been a struggle.

    I literally have only slept a few hours waking up every so often… so basically I haven’t slept as you can barely call that actual sleep. I was tired enough to go to sleep last night but just lay awake. I eventually dropped off at half 10 this morning. I was awake by half 2. […]

  • Autism awareness… this week and for a whole month.

    The most awkward time of the year is upon the autistic community. This week is just the start… we have another three weeks of seeing so called awareness measures by certain autism companies. There is mass distrust of Autism Speaks (based in the United States) when it comes to their awareness measures. If those of […]

  • Time zone Emma doesn’t feel affected by the clocks going forward (in the uk)

    Apparently, according to my phone it’s half 7 in the morning. I am quite sure that is the correct time as modern mobile (cell) phones automatically update time zone changes nowadays. I just checked google to ensure that my phone is correct. I didn’t get much sleep because I fell asleep most of the day […]