TikTok craziness vs personal craziness. The difference is somewhat alike.

This pandemic seems to have brought out all sorts of bizarreness. I’ve started watching TikTok recently. There are people talking about how they think the world ended and that we are living in some kind of simulation because they keep experiencing weird things. For example: dreaming of someone saying they had to wake up for a text someone was about to send them. They found the text when they woke up, then proceeded to see the exact person from their dream walking passed their house. Please chill as you’re not in a simulation. You’re simply noticing everything around you that was never noticeable to you due to everyone’s lives being busy. Some of us have always had those experiences. We were labelled mentally ill etc. I’ve had lots of dreams of people I’ve met before I actually come face to face with or see in waking lives. I literally have used alcohol or painkillers to numb my natural abilities. These experiences aren’t anything to freak out about. Once you’ve all gone back to your non lockdown lives you’ll most likely won’t experience any more of this kind of stuff.

I woke up today with a swollen eye. I think it may be infected. Luckily it is my lazy eye so I’m still able to see. I have been for a walk today and tried to do a bit of housework but still feeling like I’ve been lazy.