I tried my best today.

I did a few bits today but didn’t sleep a lot last night after my stupidly long nap. It feels grubby in here. I went straight in the bath after I had been for a walk. I still haven’t put the printer together. It isn’t that complicated but my brain is tired so it’s telling me everything is an effort. I will never catch up with all the housework around here. The thought of housework makes me lose all my energy. I’m not lazy. It isn’t helped by losing lots of blood via my monthly yesterday. I managed to stop it with my medication but had probably already lost a lot of iron. I feel better for having fresh air as I never went out the house at all yesterday. I didn’t move enough yesterday so that’s why my monthly went crazy after I got up out of bed. I’m half expecting it to be erratic after it was a week late. I’ve had to take my medication for more days this month. I’m more comfortable now I’m in my pjs.