Today has been an epic fail.

I went for a nap earlier because I felt tired. That was half 2 this afternoon. I woke up at 6 and then fell asleep again until 10. I only went for a nap to have the energy to do tasks like vacuuming. It’s now too late to do anything like that due to having neighbours around me. I can do other bits but not everything. I need to open the printer box to set it up as I have pre postage labels to print for Vinted sales. I’m hoping that the ink cartridge still works. It’s wireless so I should be able to print from phone. I got an ex display model cheaper so the cartridge should already be in there to start. I should be able to work it out. I grew up around these things (mostly photocopiers) as my dad was an engineer who used to fix them. We actually had typewriters in our house. Generation Z probably have no idea what they are because they grew up when computers had taken over the technical industry. It’s common knowledge that the gen z’s don’t know what a record player was and also got confused when shown a rotary phone. I’m going to bed soon again otherwise I won’t get anything done tomorrow.

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