I had to get out but I feel like crap!

I didn’t sleep the whole night. I had to get out because I’ve not been out for days. I needed some fresh air despite the fact that I can’t even see straight due to tired eyes. I have to walk as fast as possible because Asda has just sent me a text saying my delivery is going to be between half one and half two. It was booked between two and four. I like it when I’m not not last on the list but they must be in front of their scheduled delivery list.

I’m not sure I should be walking today as I don’t trust my monthly. It’s fine at the moment but I don’t think my medication has run out yet. I took some early this morning because I was in pain and the thing that stops me flooding relieves pain too. It seemed to be verging on going heavy and as I wanted to at least try to sleep I had to get in front of it. It’s better than it was but being a week late it may go crazy heavy. I’m not in pain any more. I just feel awful. I want to go to bed but if I do then I will not be able to reset sleep pattern.