Sunday morning … not slept all night.

I have tried to sleep but I just can’t at the moment. I may have slept nearly the entire day yesterday but that was an accident. I was chilling while warming my clothes on the radiator. I decided that it would be much more comfortable in bed. I got too comfy and then the cats joined me. We all ended up sleeping for hours. I felt better for it but now my sleep pattern is completely insane again. I needed the sleep but in the night rather than falling asleep when I’ve got just too exhausted from lack of sleep during the day. The vaccine made me quite sleepy but I still had insomnia so that felt quite uncomfortably unbalanced.

I’m going to try to sleep for a few hours because I have to be somewhere today. I’m bubbled with my mother and she wants me to help her with a few things. Then apparently I need to also clean my car while I’m over there due to the dirt and green bits around the windows. It’s not as bad as it sounds … but yes it’s on the grubby side. I do wash it but it’s been winter so I left it too long. I can’t do all that on not even a nap. I don’t particularly have a choice because mother can’t do certain things on her own. I’ve avoided going over there for many weekends so everything has built up. I get stressed out about going there. I’m happy in my own company and can do most things on my own due to being computer savvy and not technically challenged. I understand that other age groups find those things difficult but I don’t want to be the one that sorts all that stuff out. I don’t get to sort myself out which I need to do badly because the insomnia is getting ridiculous.