Insomnia again but also worried!

I had insomnia again but that’s technically normal at the moment. I’ve been watching TikTok to keep myself occupied during the night. I don’t want to be a Karen but many of those videos and the responses to them shouldn’t be on there. People playing awful pranks on each other for views is rather low. Then the trolls that comment on people’s videos with extremely mean things. I don’t like making videos but the things I’ve seen has put me right off the platform.

I’m also starting to get quite worried. I was literally due on my monthly a day after the covid vaccination (a week ago) and there is still no sign of it. I can’t even feel anything going on down there like everything has just stopped working. I normally get aches and other signs even when I’m slightly late. There’s just nothing and even the bloat that I had which I get before I start just disappeared. I’m not normally late unless something isn’t right and there’s no way I can be pregnant because I haven’t been sexually active recently. On a positive note, as I’m not anaemic due to not having lost iron yet, my nails have started getting stronger as normally they break at that time of month. I can’t not have a monthly. It’s not healthy? Then there is all this talk about the vaccine causing infertility. That’s scary when your monthly ceases to come on after having the vaccination. I won’t be able to have more children even if I wanted them. Surely I could sue for being made infertile by a vaccine? I don’t know how it works. I’m hoping I come on soon.