Can’t even sleep during the day now.

I only slept for a few hours today before waking up: I’m tired but went for a walk anyway. I didn’t go for one for the last week. I’ve started getting dry skin from constantly being in central heated environment. I can’t complain after I slept most of the day yesterday. I kept getting overheated because the side effects of the vaccine made me feel cold. I think I’m about back to normal now after a week. I don’t know if my skin rash is connected with the side effects but I had flu type symptoms all week. That is why I’ve barely been out for even a walk. I also got the first signs of my monthly this afternoon which has stopped me worrying that it’s done something irreversible to me.

I shouldn’t start thinking about certain things as it starts to get me down. I happened to see posts on here about the life of someone connected with my past because they were linked with someone I knew back then. We are now all in our 30s. I’m the same age as this persons child. Others are married and got kids. I feel like I was denied the opportunity to have children as my son got taken away for adoption due to the crap that I found out this persons parents was involved in putting on files about me when I was a child. I’m sure that she is a pleasant woman all grown up but they doesn’t make what her parents indirectly caused in my life to crumble into by the info on my file provided by them. The lies on files of people who were under the services are common when you start looking into it. That doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t help that even now the father of this person is probably retirement age holds high up positions in the local community. I don’t care if either of that couple hold positions where they are seen in a positive light. They’re still scum in the eyes of the kids that got damning stuff on their records in school due to the woman being the headteacher. I know what was said. I have seen the proof. I have nothing to apologise about as I was an innocent backward for my age child who they’d rather label in a negative light for life than have been fair. I knew the headteacher had suspicions that I was autistic but she still let me get punished for acting up. I was punished for the rest of my life because she and her husband (by things he said about me) condemned me from the age of 12. I don’t get to have the whole family life that you have all taken for granted due to your past actions towards me.