I’ve had better times.

I finally finished my TMA and submitted it for marking. I don’t think I’ve done well because I was struggling quite a bit to get even near the word count. In the end I just submitted my best attempt at answering the questions correctly. Thankfully it’s only 20% of my module grade. As long as I do better in my later TMAs I will be fine. I’m sure the one I just submitted will get over 40% marks so I will still be over the threshold of a pass. I need to learn how to write in the correct formats by the end of this module because from level 2 they expect you to have mastered those skills. I’m still not able to do them well and slip into essay mode when I should be answering in the IRAC formula. I even messed up the essay format on the first TMA. I’m quite tired at the moment due to insomnia which isn’t helping my concentration abilities. I would be such a more efficient person if I could actually sleep at night. Instead, I end up all over the place, fall asleep during the day and get behind with everything. It’s a stressful way to live. I need to wash my hair but have to sleep too.

I discovered that mister had shut mimi in the bed drawer this morning. I never saw him push it closed. He was on my bed half the night. The cats can be quite a handful at times. They seem to somehow trap themselves in the most random places. I swear that sometimes they do trap each other in places on purpose when they’ve fallen out. They seem to be quiet at the moment so maybe I will get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I haven’t been out in nearly a week, not even for a walk. The vaccination knocked me about a bit. That is the last time I was out of my home. I was also busy trying to finish my TMA. I don’t think I will get to go for a walk today because it’s raining.