I try … today it’s a struggle.

I did make an effort today but insomnia is really making that difficult. I’m half up. I’m not quite up because not dressed in day clothes yet. The cats are fed so they’re happy for the next few hours. Mimi has just flicked her paw towards the direction of mister so they must have had some form of falling out today. That’s what they do when they’re irritated. They do it at ms when wanting food but I’m not taking any notice of their request because it’s not time for food. If they overeat mister ends up over weight and mimi makes a huge mess in litter tray. Mister literally even eats my left over dinner remains on my plate. It’s difficult to actually cut him down due to the fact he will eat any food whether it’s human or car food. He will nick mimi’s food if I don’t watch them during feeding time. Mister has that kind of personality. He’s a character (as photos show) and will push the limits of any boundaries. He is getting more trained as he approaches middle aged in cat years but that’s probably because he’s losing the energy of a kitten as he gets older. They have both settled on the end of my bed to chill now. We are all comfortable but I have to get up soon to get things done. I still need to finish off my university assignment for the deadline in a few days. I haven’t looked at it for a few days. I was struggling with concentration due to anxiety over having the vaccination. I also have insomnia which isn’t helping my brain to actually function. Seriously? I’m only on two out of six years worth of modules. I hope my brain doesn’t stay this fogged.