I feel more normal now.

I think the side effects of the vaccine are starting to disappear. I ended up sleeping quite a lot. I woke up feeling back to normal. I have got mister to behave better by putting down a third litter tray. He’s calmed down a lot now. They have one each but an extra one seems to have helped the tension between the two cats. I can relax knowing that mister is not going to pee around the place. He seems quite comfortable asleep on the bed next to me. Mimi decided to go under the bed for the night. I haven’t slept yet. It’s 6 am. I slept most of yesterday so I’m a bit out of sync. I stayed in my pjs all day yesterday. I was comfortable. I had a bath later to change into a clean pair. I finally am able to warm up. The day after vaccination I was completely freezing and unable to warm up. I had a hot head but cold everywhere else. I still haven’t come on my monthly which was due on Saturday but maybe it paused my cycle while I was reacting to the various chemicals. They did say not to take it if planning to become pregnant so it must mess with hormones. I will not be pleased if it makes me infertile.

I keep hearing about people who have died a few hours/days after having the vaccine. I’m still alive … so far. I don’t feel it’s entirely safe but neither is contracting the virus so it’s a difficult decision. I was really not wanting it the night before we went to the appointment. I realise that there is an element of risk and wasn’t sure if I wanted to take it. I keep feeling paranoid about them potentially putting a chip in my arm. I don’t trust our government. They don’t know what they’re doing properly and they also don’t care about the people of the country that they represent. It is all about money, power, control and status. I logically tell myself that they didn’t put a chip in my arm it’s my anxiety taking over. It’s difficult not to worry about what is the truth when so many things are appearing online saying that we are being lied to about there being a pandemic. Empty hospitals videos circulating online to prove that the hospitals aren’t full to capacity. People that insist they work in a hospital and leaking info to the public about the hospitals not being full. Who do you believe? Who is telling the truth? I’d love to go investigating myself but don’t want to get into trouble. One woman got arrested for filming empty hospitals in Gloucestershire recently.