Side effects of vaccination 🤕

I have had side effects from the covid 19 vaccine. They’re not severe but I can’t function properly. I slept most of the day. I got wiped out just cleaning out the cats litter trays. I then sat down to watched the final of the masked singer. I have been feeling cold all day even with the heating and electric blanket on in my bed. I feel like I have a cross between a hang over and flu. I have got an ache in my arm where it was done. That isn’t the worse part though. That is easy to fix by just putting heat on there. The flu/hung over feeling is the worse part. I keep feeling sick and I’m definitely going to bed early because I’m constantly fatigued. I was also supposed to come on my monthly today but that hasn’t happened yet.

3 thoughts on “Side effects of vaccination 🤕

  1. Hi Em, so sorry to hear about these side effects. Hope you feel better soon and your angels are certainly looking over you.


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