Lack of sleep and morning cat antics.

I didn’t get to sleep until morning. Then I was woken up by one of the cats loudly digging the litter tray followed by a smell of poop. The litter tray is scattered everywhere. I can’t see where he’s used it, I can just smell it. That shows he’s buried his business properly. That doesn’t always happen so could have been worse. I got up to have breakfast and my medication. The cats have gone quiet again now. Mister decided to start a fight with Mimi which I had to break up. It wasn’t a full on fight. Mister was trying to you know what what with Mimi and she wasn’t going to let him. They’re brother and sister but that means nothing to cats. They are both neutered so can’t do any damage in that department. Mimi is now snuggled next to me on my bed. I opened the window to let out the smell so she’s probably cold.

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