I decided to go for a walk because I needed a few bits that I stupidly forgot on the way around yesterday. I’m warm in my thick coat but it’s colder than I thought when I walked out my door. I only went around the block tonight. I don’t feel the cold but realise how ice cold I feel when I get home. I have gloves which I can use with my phone screen. I just don’t wear them. I don’t like the feel of gloves on my hands.

I have my vaccination booked for the end of this week. I have had my invitation because I’m in the extremely vulnerable category. I’m taking my mother with me only because she also had a letter due to her age group. I’m not going to say that age specifically otherwise I may get in trouble. We may as well get vaccinated on the same day as then we are both done… well we will have had our first. We have to go back for the second dose in may.

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