I can’t sleep due to day sleeping…

Okay, it looks like I’ve accidentally become nocturnal again. I slept until mid afternoon because I couldn’t sleep last night. I did the same the day before too. I don’t like day time. Time is going slowly. I don’t like anything at the moment. I’m hormonal which makes me very fed up. I’m such a cow leading up to my monthly! I even argue with myself. I never get anything done because I feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to sit still or be in one place.

I couldn’t go out for a walk today otherwise I would have got soaked in the rain. I didn’t go for a walk yesterday either but got on my vibrating plate machine. That makes your body feel like it’s been for a run. I feel fatty rather than toned at the moment which bugs me. I just want my figure back regardless whether others think I look more attractive with a bit of extra curves. I’ve cut down on alcohol. That is a huge source of extra calories. You may as well be eating a cream sugary cake for each of those mini bottles. I don’t eat anything fattening. I just drink too much Pepsi and alcohol. I don’t have both drinks on the same day but it’s still a lot over a week. I drink tea too but that’s not too bad. I’ve even started drinking more water. So it’s balanced more evenly.

I’m totally fed up of being awake right now. I nearly got my sleep pattern back to normal. Then I messed it up again.

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