Dreams are weird and annoying now!

I dropped off with the cats earlier as I didn’t get up properly until late. I’m on a walk because I have been lazy for too long. I had one of those really vivid dream involving a treadmill where I actually ran (yes, nightmare on its own). Then I saw the person that keeps appearing in my dreams from time to time. I don’t know. It’s random and only occurs every few months. Yes it is probably trying to tell me something because of certain personal details regarding the individual. I’m still finding my way in life so not ready to be open about certain things at this point. There is no point for me to do this at the moment. I know that some people are like me in regards to being a let to feel things and can access peoples dreams without consciously being aware of it. The person that I screwed over could definitely do that whether she was aware or not. I swear that is why I am suffering mentally due to guilt after all this time. She still wants me to suffer and projecting it on me. She is who she is too. Please disconnect from my energy… this goes for anyone who is trying to link into it.

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