Tribute to captain Tom

I would just like to pay tribute to sir Tom, the 100 year old veteran who raised a vast amount of money for the NHS back in March last year (you can see I am not exact fact checking here). There’s only so much I can do while walking trying to avoid the dog crap that people have left our on the pavements. I have barely been home today after getting up stupidly late. I always say that I have no time to write a blog entry and every time something occurs where I have to go back on what I initially said. I couldn’t not say anything in tribute to such an amazing human being. Thanks from us all Tom 🙂 Thumbs up! I know that people are not sure about the vaccine but he was all for the vaccine. He didn’t have the chance to have the vaccine as he was already suffering from pneumonia when he was offered his turn. It’s fine for a tribute involving clapping but having the vaccine when you’re offered your dose is a much better action that you can take in his memory.

And, to his family, please don’t feel guilty when people start saying it was your faults for going to Barbados over the Christmas period. You didn’t know what was going to happen. There is an influencer that also went to Barbados that is in hospital with covid. There may be a great number of comments that aren’t pleasant but try not to take it to heart. I had someone say that ‘with a kid like me it’s not surprising my dad died’ when my dad passed away in 2010. That was from someone who had an autistic brother. It’s important to have a thick skin when dealing with public opinions. I have had people I knew a long time ago have asked me recently how I coped with my dads illness when I was younger. People only realised how that life was like since this pandemic has left their relatives with long covid affects. As I’ve said previously, until people have been through a certain situation, ignorance is reflected in their attitudes to others who have been through those things. All those denying that this pandemic is happening are just ones that probably haven’t witnessed the affects of it first hand.

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