The original planned post is scrapped for tonight.

I had a whole post on specific topics planned for tonight. I have been working on my open university assignment for a few hours this evening so my brain has got too tired. I may not blog for a few days due to having various things to do. I went for a 10 mile walk today which made me tired before tackling my university assignment. I needed the walk though as I was truly lazy all weekend. I carried a bag of shopping home with me which was like lifting weights. I kept swapping it from one arm to another after it started making my arm ache. I may send in a piece of art to graysons art club. I haven’t decided which theme I’m going to chose. He’s doing different themes over 6 weeks. I happened to see it on Sunday evening. I don’t have time to write blogs if I’m going to be participating in university stuff and doing art submissions. I don’t think I stopped from the time I got up today. I’m starting to feel that now I’ve had a bath and settled down. The tiredness has just hit me. If I have insomnia tonight it’s absolutely ridiculous! I know that I have worn myself out to maximum levels.

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