Month: January 2021

  • The artist will fix it! Hopefully….

    I wasn’t great at cutting the carpet. I tried to install it but the knife that the tool place sold me was a bit naff. Safety knives may seem like a good idea, in reality they make it so hard to cut things at the right angle. I did ok for someone who has never […]

  • I feel broken :(

    I’m probably over tired. I can’t sleep again. I just feel overwhelmed which stops me from switching off. I feel sick. I cried so much earlier. I read about the 8 year old that had died of covid. I kept thinking that the child must have been so scared before they passed away. It’s hard […]

  • 1st day of 2021

    I slept most of the first day of 2021 because I barely slept last night. I don’t remember sleeping much today either. I got up to get a few bits on the way to a relatives house. I’m bubbled with the household before anyone gets on their soapbox. I only popped in for a few […]

  • Happy New Year!

    Well, it’s now 2021. I have just got into bed after my earlier cleaning spree and doing various things for the cats. I’m tired and have a million things to do from tomorrow. I have to sort out my university notes and then start my second tutor marked assessment. We have until the end of […]