Month: January 2021

  • Anti-woke….

    Okay, I thought things couldn’t get any crazier but then the ‘anti-woke’ groups start evolving. I consider myself woke because I’m considering and accepting of all kinds of differences when it comes to people and issues in general. I think that those announcing their anti woke agenda are mixing politics with the tolerance of being […]

  • I’m not ok. I hide my pain with alcohol every single day.

    I act like I’m coping just fine. I’m verging on the very edge of becoming alcohol dependent. I think that I may be causing myself damage at this point. I feel extremely sick tonight. It’s like a hangover but ten times worse. I have a splitting headache. The itchiness of my skin is driving me […]

  • I feel slightly better about my own personal situation now that I’ve asked around. These are the things that I do know around the whole adoption process.

    I decided to pose the question regarding letterbox contact with birth families earlier today. I posted the same question in several of the groups full of parents that have had experiences with social services. There seems to be many that do not have contact via letterbox. Many of those had letterbox contact approved at the […]

  • Snow day, reintroducing myself to exercise etc.

    I woke up to snow today. I actually wasn’t even aware that it had snowed before I checked my social networks while half asleep. I had a local groups post pop up on my newsfeed saying that there was lots of snow in the park. Then I had a phone call asking me if I’d […]

  • I love the weekend!

    I’m chilling out for the whole day! I do not intent to be sober by this evening. I slept okay last night but got woken up by a nightmare and then the cat came to ask for food. I couldn’t get back to sleep. I have a few things to do but they don’t require […]