Saturday snooze!

Both myself and the cats decided to spend most of today sleeping. We were all too comfortable and none of us had to get up today. I kept a drink of water next to me so that I didn’t have to get up for at least a few hours. Mimi decided to get up first to go get some of her food in the cat bowls. Mister has gone that way too. I am thinking of getting up but have no intentions just yet. I’m not lazy. I needed the rest after my long walk yesterday. The cats enjoy sleep time. Mimi has insisted on laying on the top of my head most of the day. Mister curled up next to me. I cuddled them both resulting in loud purring. It’s an activity for them. They spend most of the day sleeping with or without my company. I may be summoned for food duties soon. Mister is starring at me. Mimi hasn’t joined him yet but it doesn’t take long. They have dry food. The wet food is their favourite though. I’m not sure if I’m still tired or not fully awake yet. I feel like a zombie. I cut down on alcohol so I am not remotely intoxicated at this earlier hour.

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