I’m a bit better now.

I can function so much better since I am actually sleeping properly. I get more things done because I’m not too tired to do every day things. I’ve nearly finished my TMA. The first two questions are in note form but as I have my extension I’m not going to rush finishing it. It turned out that it was fortunate I managed to get an extension granted. I lost my first set of notes as the system updated and we could no longer log in with our personal email address one drives. We now have to use our university email log in. The original deadline was today at midday which would have been impossible to meet if I’d had to start again without my extension. The most irritating thing about losing this years work was that I had every TMA from last module on there because I used that one drive last year.

I’m having me time while typing this entry. I decided to wash my hair (it was due its weekly wash). I then went out for a walk. I had damp hair. It’s better to air dry hair than blow dry it with hair dryer. The less heat equals less frizz when dry. I used detangler conditioner in my hair. The thickness of my Shri means that there still is knots which I had to tease out with my detangling comb.

The air drying hair idea works until it starts raining. I’ve covered it all with my hood so it can’t get wet again.