Today has been chilled. Avoiding burn out.

I wasn’t going to go out for a walk today but got extremely bored. I went out for a short walk before my food shop was delivered. I walked up a steep hill realising that I was quite unfit half way up. I don’t walk every single day now and it shows. I never used to touch alcohol which also has probably made me more unfit. I woke up this morning totally reluctant to even get up. I’ve now had a clean up and a bath after I got home from walking.

I was avoiding burn out by going to bed early last night. I couldn’t do anything due go a very severe migraine. I literally had to lay in the dark sipping water regularly so that it went away by the morning. I think that I may have been dehydrated due to too much alcohol consumption recently. I felt a lot better when I woke up this morning. I wasn’t bloated and my migraine was finally gone. I felt like I was approaching burn out. I can think straight now I’ve had a decent nights sleep.

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