Things are a lot better now.

I finally have all carpets down. It feels a more homely now. I’m absolutely exhausted as I woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I can’t have that much of an early night because I have an online tutorial in a few hours. I’m in the bath and hopefully going for a nap before so that I can concentrate. The extension lead for the phone line finally broke today. It was brittle due to the age of it. The work being done around it seems to have finally finished it off. Luckily I have the option of putting everything in the hallway. It’s not ideal but at least I can access my phone line and broadband.

We finally have a carpet down after mo tenths of mishaps.

PJ day didn’t mean I’m not clean… or that I didn’t sleep last night.

I spent the day in my Pj’s and rested a lot. I did sleep last night but have a busy day tomorrow which involves having to get dressed. I didn’t stink all day today due to the fact that I had a bath to freshen up and cleaned my teeth as normal. I also washed my hair because it was due the weekly wash (thick hair lasts a week due to natural dryness). This means I am clean and do not smell stale in any way. I also got some university work done towards my latest tutor marked assessment. I did not waste the day despite not getting dressed into day clothes. I slept reasonably okay last night. I just needed the extra rest due to knowing I have a busy day tomorrow. The carpet is finally getting laid… hopefully providing nothing goes wrong this time. I have to be up, dressed and moving stuff before the fitter even gets here.

Congratulations to the USA for finally getting rid of Donald Trump! It’s been a long time coming but hopefully things will improve now that he’s no longer in office.