Is it really okay to stay in pjs all day?

I have lost count how many times I’ve been told that I should relax and stay in my pjs all day. I never have chosen to do that unless I’m actually sleeping because it just seems a bit odd. I always thought that day clothes were for waking hours and pjs were only designated for sleep. It seems to have become a working from home thing which has seen an explosion of people staying in their pjs and dressing gowns all day., apart from when they had zoom meetings etc. The culture has changed since we got hit by the pandemic lockdowns. People are starting to do what makes them feel comfortable more. I may wear my pjs and dressing gown on days that I am just working on university stuff and other computer based things. It’s so much more comfy to not be in day clothes. I never thought that I’d be converted because I’ve always seen it as lazy. I’m definitely never going to be someone that pops to the supermarket/shop in their pjs, slippers and just a coat on top. We aren’t supposed to wear our indoor clothing out of the house. I am not posh. I just see it as something I personally wouldn’t want to do. We all have certain standards of living within our own comfort zones.

4 thoughts on “Is it really okay to stay in pjs all day?

  1. To me, pjs are for bed only, guess that’s why they were created, so you don’t carry your dirty clothes into your bed (and if one uses their pjs all day long, there is no difference between the pjs and regular clothing).

    Working from home for many years now, never on pjs (just comfy clothing for home use, like tshirts & shorts or sweatshirts / pants during winter).


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