Been awake too long today!

I didn’t sleep at all last night. I had to get up this morning to get the carpet swapped. I tried to do some of my university assignment earlier but I’m just far too tired. I’m resting but can’t actually sleep until my food shop has been delivered. That should be within the next few hours. I did a bit of housework but again I haven’t got enough energy to function. I can’t even think straight at the moment. I’ve got to the point where it feels like night to me. The cats have joined me on my bed after having their lunch. We will probably all be snoozing at some point after my food delivery. I keep getting a pain in the side of my head. I hope that I’m not getting a migraine. I’ve got too much to do this week. I can’t spare any time out to recover from one. I’m probably just tired due to my sleep pattern being completely messed up.

3 thoughts on “Been awake too long today!

  1. Hi again,
    Having autism (and I am sure also PDA but not diagnosed) I know from my own bitter personal experience how one can get into a loop.
    And also how one might often push back against or ignore advice. (I am very contrary and tend to react and rebel against well meaning advice from all.)
    Sleep is clearly a major problem affecting everything else in your life. It’s hard enough being autistic without having other problems compounding it.
    So I do recommend chasing up the issue with a GP and discussing whether melatonin may be an effective solution.
    All the best. 🙂


  2. You need to get your sleeping right, it will help improve everything.

    Regarding energy, I’ve changed my eating habits and it helped a lot (vegan now). Try to avoid processed food, it drains you out (the ideal would be to add good, fresh food and subtract the bad ones).


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