I couldn’t sleep again :(

I am so awful at sleeping at the moment. I feel terrible from getting no sleep at all. I did catch up with my study notes because I may as well do something when insomnia is lingering. I can’t walk at the moment due to my monthly in it’s flooding mode. The tablets are so far controlling it after I was caught off guard last night. I don’t trust it yet. I can only use medication to control those issues to a certain degree. It hasn’t been too out of control this time but I haven’t walked or moved much. I do need to make an effort to go for a walk at some point because I haven’t seen daylight for a while. I have been sleeping during the day, in winter, which means it’s getting dark when I wake up. I don’t feel too great today as my issues probably have left me anaemic until I make up the iron lost yesterday. I’m not comfortable because my skin has gone itchy dry. I had two baths yesterday due to needing to wash stuff off of me. That doesn’t help dry skin issues. If the medication keeps things under control my levels should go back up quite quickly. I don’t want to get caught out again. I was asleep both times and woke up in a mess. I’m grumpy enough as it is when I wake up let alone waking up in a mess. Waking up is a sensory nightmare on a daily occurrence. It’s as bad as not being able to sleep. I long for a proper sleep pattern but it just never happens! I try so hard to sleep… then I keep waking up every few hours. I heard that lack of proper sleep can drive you mad. I’m not quite there yet. I’m dangling by a thread between the void of sanity and madness. I feel that thread getting worn down. I don’t know how long that I can go on this way.

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